The Fartknocker's Rad Van

Why Does The Fartknocker
have a Rad Van Anyway?

Why does anybody have anything?
No one really knows.

I guess The Fartknocker saw a van he liked
and then fixed it up.

Maybe The Fartknocker created it
with his fart magic.

You would have to ask him, to find out.

Is this real?

There's another head-scratcher.

Is anything real?
Are we all just living in a simulation?

Maybe the reality is the world is how we create it.
Or maybe nothing we do can change the course of fate.

Either way, this van is definitely real.
And it is made out of either farts or paper.

Can I get a Van too?

Naturally, you are free to purchase
a van of your choosing at any point.

if you want The Fartknocker's Rad Van,
you are also in luck!

If you have some dollars to waste, you can always...

If you are impatient or don't want to waste your money,
you can always print out
and color in your own FREE Rad Van by
clicking this purple button:

What does The Fartknocker have cooking in his back seat?